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Kevin Mullaney is a retired Public Works service professional who retired in 2009 after thirty years with the City of Flagstaff. He later returned for an additional three years as the Division Director in Environmental Services.

Kevin has also served as a District Administrator for Little League over the past twenty years and has been the co-chair for the AZ State LL Association representing Northern Arizona.

Mr. Mullaney was born in 1952, the oldest son of eight children nurtured and raised in the tiny borough of St. Marys, PA. Growing up poor in a very devout catholic household, taught him early on how strong values and principles shed its light on the dignity which is found in each and every person, even though he admittedly strayed from that path many times throughout his life.

This publication, ‘A Divine Appointment’ is a follow-up to the 2014 book release ‘Earth & Sky, Heart & Soul’. ‘A Divine Appointment’ is broken into three sections of prose/poetry in which the author thoughtfully examines our own Divine Presence, Divine Essence and Divine Love which embraces everyone and everything. These words emerge like meaningful prayer, surrounded in stillness, like the air that surrounds the earth. Both are necessary for the growth of the spirit.

This book also contains ten beautiful photos of mandalic stained glass art, also created by the author. These geometric patterns can replicate continuously into infinity just as our own journey into the Divine. A verse from the poem ‘Transcendence’ sums things up well:

Let your thoughts grow deep

As your feelings rise,

Let the power of love

Dance with you,

And in its arms

Make you light again.

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