A Divine Appointment


ISBN: 9781644382059

This book is about recognizing the Divinity in each person that crosses our path, as well as our seeking our own Divinity. It is about seeing beyond perception and sharing a wondrous journey with all creation and its creator.

These writings meld poetry with prose, and bridges the gap between spirituality and mysticism, faith and conviction.

The beautiful glass-art creations, by the author, are based on a system of sacred geometric patterns which, like the mandala, can repeat itself into infinity. They interject well with the thoughtful narrative that expands on the finite and the infinite.

In keeping with the nature of man's relationship with the spirit and our gratitude for existence this book follows up a previous work from 2014 titled, Earth & Sky, Heart & Soul.

Earth & Sky, Heart & Soul: Reflections on Nature and the Nature of Man

ISBN13: 9781634131247

Earth & Sky, Heart & Soul--a beautiful, lyrical gift to readers--is deeply rooted in the spiritual and the transcendental, a book which expresses ''a profound appreciation for mankind's inner divinity.''

Earth & Sky, Heart & Soul is offered in two parts. In Part 1, ''Earth & Sky,'' the author evokes his ''search for a boundary to exist within.'' In Part 2, ''Heart & Soul,'' he finds freedom in the infinite, as he ''summons the secrets of the soul.'' The book's eloquence is enhanced by its illustrations--exquisite images of glass art that emphasize man's deep relationship with nature and his gratitude for existence.

Earth & Sky, Heart & Soul is unique and awe-inspiring. As Kevin Mullaney tells us, ''Just as light flows through a prism, light shines through our souls and is dispersed through our hearts.'' His book ignites that light.


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