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Review 4/2019

During part of my many fulfilling years in education I facilitated Writing Workshops and/or assisted in setting up their workshops. What I found that mostly supported my students writing was time to write, individual conferencing, and sharing striking examples of great writing. As I read A Divine Appointment, I was engaged in reflection and continual connection by using your poetic writings and commentaries with students. I hope you tell me students and teachers are, but if not, we need to promote your books, and get you exposed to our educators and students. As I read I highlighted and wrote notes so as not to lose my thoughts. I would rather have read and talked about A DIVINE APPOINTMENT with a group of teachers or writers who understand the importance of good models of writing for our students. I connected to so many of your pieces, and thoroughly felt spirited with Conscience Evolution with your comment regarding the most precious gift of free will and accepting our role of planet stewards. What’s Left Undone touched my heart. I could hear you dad’s voice softly speak “I won’t be praying in heaven. I’ll be offering praise instead of prayer. But first one has to get there...” Thank you, friend, for shining a light on me with A Divine Appointment and utilizing your work as a model for our blossoming writers.  RWP

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